one of my pet peeves

of the greater Frisco, TX area.

people that do not stop at stop signs.  if i were a cop.  i would be sitting by 4 way stops all day, and stopping people in cars that they probably can’t afford who coast through stop signs.

ok enough for now.  i like wordpress.  i may just keep it.



  1. I like typepad. Tried wordpress. Don’t know enough about html to make it do what I wanted it to do.

    I grew up in California – the land of ” California Rolls” – where you slow way down at a 4-way stop, then roll through cautiously with your foot on the brake just in case.

  2. Blog is looking good so far. I prefer typepad as well, but don’t know much about WordPress. Glad you are enjoying it. (as if I have some sort of ownership… : ) )

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