well i don’t feel so much like blogging today

we found out that someone charged $197 to our debit card at a exxon in Leavittown NY either today or yesterday, so now i have to go through all of that mess, but oh well.  i’m just thankful that my wife saw it before they charged up any more.  it’s just money!  i think i put too much emphasis on money, and time, and so many other things that aren’t important.  i was reading Pete Wilson’s blog today and he was talking about having the hurrying disease.  i think that sometimes that is imposed on us, and sometimes we hurry of our own choosing.  if i had my choice, i would be home with my children today, but i have to work so i can feed and clothe said children.  so i can choose how i approach my job, but sometimes there are demands placed on people that are somewhat unrealistic.  as i was reading his blog, i was thinking about the story of Mary and Martha in the bible.  sometimes we just need to sit at the feet of Jesus.  it’s then we have chosen the right thing, and Jesus said it would not be taken away.  so all of my hurry, busy, planning, do something for God is moot unless i’ve sat and listened to Him.  in fact if i really sit and listen He would probably tell me,  i don’t need or want all of those things.  i just want you.

have a good one.



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