so today

i’m about to go have lunch with a neat guy named Evan Wilson.  He’s the worship pastor over at Fellowship of Frisco.  I was asked a few interesting questions in an email, and wanted to post them here.  you can comment if you like.

If I gave you 10 minutes to list your unchurched/lost friends, how many would you
write down? How might they describe you?

In your opinion, what is the mission of the church?


If you had to express the gospel in 1 sentence, what would you write?

i find the first sentence especially hard because i work in a church.  two years ago, i could have rattled off about 30 people that were unchurched or lost friends, but it seems since i have moved into the church realm, i have lost contact with unchurched people.  that really hurts me.

so weigh in.  what is the mission?  how would you describe the gospel?

have a good one.




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