have you ever heard of carpet ball

i had not until i came to Bogg Springs Camp in Arkansas last year.

basically it’s a game.  it’s played on a custom made table that looks like this

carpet ball table   

so the table has lowered ends and  you use pool balls to play.  You set up the balls either in a pattern or along the sides.

set up     

so you take the cue ball and try to knock your opponents balls into the recessed area.  it’s a bit like shuffle board.  it’s insanely fun.  some of the kids get a bit rambunctious and the balls escape the carpetball enclosure and go flying then bouncing across the floor.

I have plans for a carpet ball table and plan to eventually build one, then set it out in my front yard and invite my neighbors to play.  it would be a great form of “party theology”

this post is part of water cooler wednesdays over at Ethos.



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