so i’m still in arkansas

i’m gonna give a shout out to a new friend named Jeremy Flanagan.  He is the pastor at a church plant called Pathway Baptist in Fayetville Arkansas, so if you are a Razorback go check out the church.

i told you i would post something from Peppermint Filled Pinatas.  I was reading this passage yesterday.

“At first, no sound came out of my mouth.  I worked harder, fighting through my own tears and emotion to share my deepest need.  The words came stumbling out of my mouth louder than I had imagined they would:’God, I desperately need you.  I don’t love people.  I don’t care about people who don’t know you.  All I care about is myself.  Help me to love people, no matter who they are or what they do.  Help me to love people the way you do.'”

as i read that, i put the book down and began to weep.  i was so broken because that’s exactly how i feel.  i was convicted that my ability to “connect” with people doesn’t always have the right motive.  i’m sometimes more interested in my agenda and motives than i am in them as a person.  if i’ve ever treated you in a way less than you deserve would you please forgive me.  i know the Lord has.  now it’s a matter of me “connecting” for the right reasons.  no more “networking”  i want to be your friend because i want to be your friend.

have a great day



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