summer reading

i started my summer reading last week at camp by finishing up a book i had started.  tearing through “Peppermint Filled Pinatas” and starting “Vintage Jesus”.  I love to read!!!  let me say that again.  I love to read!!!  how many of you pick up a book and you want to start reading it right then, but something in you tells you to wait for just the right moment to crack open the cover and begin to devour the pages? 

on my desk…staring me in the eyes (i’m not kidding, there is a big eye on the cover of this book) is Erwin McManus’ new book called “Wide Awake”  i so want to just dig in, but i really want to set aside some time when i’m not playing catch up to really devote to this book.  as i read the description on the back, i can tell this will speak to me.  it describes where i am.  Erwin has never dissappointed me with any of his books, i think it’s because he is so God soaked that he can’t help but write the truth.

also on my desk is Cormac McCarthy’s Pulitzer Prize winning novel “The Road”.  it is on my list as well.

so what’s on your summer reading list?  and what books would you recommend that i read?

i’m waiting for “Chasing Francis” to come in at the Library.

(oh, and i know you are supposed to underline book titles, but i hate to toggle the underline thing.  call me lazy)

you may say i’m a dreamer….

this post is part of Water Cooler Wednesday over at Randy Elrod’s blog Ethos



  1. Wow, good job…reading serious stuff for summer. I’m too tired for the serious stuff…I’m shooting for Robinson Crusoe by Defoe….we’llsee what comes after that.

  2. “Same Kind of Different As Me”- wonderful, inspiring! I couldn’t put it down. Every Christian, should read this book.

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