i have a guilty pleasure

it’s really kind of silly, but every year about this time a magazine comes out.  it’s a once a year deal, and i always succumb and buy it.  the cover price this year went up a dollar to $9.95, but i couldn’t help myself because there are finally Red Raiders on the cover.  the magazine is Dave Campbells Texas Football. 

i love college and high school football.  i don’t care too much for the pros.  i would go to a game if someone gave me tickets.  i kindof root for the Cowboys, but it doesn’t make a huge difference if they are good or not.

Texas Tech football on the other hand is a whole other story.  if the Raiders don’t have a good season, well then i’m just sad. (a good season is if we beat A&M and Texas in the same year)  Dave Campbell’s magazine thinks we have a chance this year to win the Big 12 south.  i’m not holding my breath, but at least we are getting some respect this year.

so there you have it my guilty pleasure which i will devour from cover to cover in the next few days.


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