i ran across an email my wife sent me in 2006

so Amy really get’s credit for this blog.


This is what ministry is…

Ministry is…a hurting mother calling to ask you to spend time with her son because his dad is with another woman.

Ministry is…helping your crying daughter study for a science test after bedtime.  She has proof you care and love her.

Ministry is…loving a child who says mean things she doesn’t mean, because she’s 5 and tired.

Ministry is…loving your wife who has priorities that are different than yours…Loving her despite her blessing and because of her faults

Ministry is…working for and with people who don’t show you love and respect in return.  They know they can count on you.

Ministry is…picking the nobody out of the crowd and making them feel like somebody.

Ministry is…having the willingness to lay it all down with nothing in return.

Ministry is…What flows through your veins, to your heart and lived out through the way you walk…


the title to this email was “Words of Affirmation” and i need those words today even more than i needed them back then.  i’m sure they could be updated, but it’s a good reminder.

this post is for Watercooler Wednesday over at Ethos


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