well i’m 37 now

my birthday came and went on Friday, and i don’t feel any older, but i guess that i am. 

my wife is the greatest.  i have this affinity for Rhino’s.  it comes from Erwin McManus’ Barbarian Way.  in one of the last chapters he describes groups of animals and says that a group of rhino’s is called a “crash”.  he says it’s because of their potential.  they can run 30 mph, but can only see about 31 feet.  i’ve always felt like the church was called to “crash” into society. 

so amy gets on the internet and orders me rhino coins from around the world, and the thing is they come from places that are on my heart.  i have a coins from Botswana, India, Zimbabwe, Zambia (where we adopted an orphan), Liberia and Sierra Leone (my heart breaks for these people who were crushed by the diamond conflicts).  she bought me a case and everything.  as i look at the coins, i think of these countries and how we might be able to “crash” into them.

quite possibly the most thoughtful and neatest gift she’s ever given me, but then she’s like that.  i struggle just to find something for her quite often, but she sees my heart and buys me something that is truly meaningful.  Thanks Amy!

have a good one


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