i subscribe to a few magazines

i get Acoustic Guitar every month!! i like the lessons, and the articles on artists.  i also get Relevant, Worship Leader and Collide.  Those come every other month.  i got the new Collide yesterday and the cover story was “Is Christian Music Dying?”  the article is in reference to Charlie Peacock’s essay in the final print issue of CCM magazine (i subscribed to that too, until they just made it a webzine).  you can read the whole essay here.

Collide pointed out the 5 most important ideas that Charlie put forward were…

1. The Major Labels aren’t in danger of going under anytime soon, but they’ll be forced to depend on dwindling revenue from their song catalogs

2.  The term CCM, or Christian Contemporary Music, will go away.

3. Christian music that matters won’t have any affiliation with the Christian music industry but instead will be written, recorded, and released in the mainstream.

4. Worship music serves a purpose within the Church, which guarantees its survival.

5.  The big names from CCM’s glory days will survive, but many artists from the last decade will be left looking for a reason, roaming through the night to find their place in this world.

i agree with Charlie.  and i think i have for a while.

what do you think?

oh, and my new favorite song of the week is here.

have a good one



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