so i’m going to this conference

called the Feedback Conference!  i’m really excited because i’ll get to meet Charlie Peacock and some other people i’ve always wanted to meet.  my problem.  i don’t have a “CD”!  i don’t have a “Press Pack”!  i’m sending some of my mBox recordings to a buddy of mine in Houston to mix, but pretty much it’s just me and a guitar.  i don’t have any fancy pics of myself other than some i took a few years back.  i just don’t know what to do.  anybody have any suggestions as to how to create a press packet, etc.  i want to go and at least be prepared for this.  i don’t even have a website past myspace.  i’ve never considered myself an artist.  i write songs and i sing at church and at a cafe on Friday nights.  people are always asking me if i have a cd when i play places.  i’ve just never had the funding to go in and make one.

so any helpful comments would be greatly appreciated.

have a good one



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