ran across a interview with Tom Morello

from Audioslave and Rage Against the Machine.  I found one of the questions and his answer very interesting.

Q:  I am interested to hear what you would say about the person who has heard the name Jesus Christ.  What do you think will happen if he does believe?

TM:  I do not know.  Maybe I would have a more positive view of religion if I was impressed by the behavior or those who preach it, not meaning preachers, but anyone, from the heads of government to the people I know in the school who confessed to be Christians.  Some of those Christians were the biggest (expletive) who mistreated their fellow man in the worst ways.  Religion is so tied up with political manipulation that it is hard to see if there could be a nugget of spirituality in there, that can genuinely influence your life.  It’s hard to find…

do you think Tom is a little bitter?  i think he is accurate.  i wonder how many other people feel this way?

on a lighter note go out and pick up the new Willie Nelson and Wynton Marsalis album.  it is amazing!!

this post is for Watercooler Wednesday.  Run Randy Run!!!!

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