Drum Corps International comes to Dallas.  They moved it back to Lake Highlands.  i like the stadium, but i so enjoyed it last year in Mesquite from the higher vantage.  the good thing about LHHS is that you are close to the action, so it should be mind numbingly loud.

i saw my first drum corps show in 1982 at what was then Memorial Stadium on the campus of the University of Oklahoma.  I was blown away by what these people could do.  it was always a dream of mine to march in a corps.  i wanted to be in the Blue Devils, but unfortunately the finances were never there.  i had an opportunity to finish out a tour with SkyRiders the summer before my Senior year in college, but my parents thought it best that i stay in summer school and get the 3 hours i was working on.  i do regret not going.  oh well.  i’ll live vicariously through the students and friends of mine who did their summer tours.  i’ll post some pics on here from the event.  it’s going to rock!!!  Thanks to my good friend Jerry who gets us tickets every year.

have a good one



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