from wide awake

Erwin McManus’ new book is reaching me right where i am.  just the chapter titles alone would be enough to inspire.  from where i am right now, i’ve currently camped out in the chapter called “create”.  i would love to share the whole chapter with you, but you should really go and buy the book.  i’ll give you a little taste so you can chew on this as you drive to Barnes and Noble.

“Maybe the missing component in our creative process is that we have not recognized that we were created by God to expand the good and that God will measure our lives by how much good we create with every breath we take and every ounce of energy we use.

God did not create you to be neutral; God did not create you to be a puppet; God did not create you to simply walk through life passively concluding, Whatever God’s going to do, God’s going to do.  You can’t create out of nothing, but don’t underestimate the amazing potential that resides within you.  The great danger for us is to leave all of the something we have been entrusted with and walk away with nothing.”

i hope that challenges you like it challenged me.  don’t go around sleepy.  create!  our imaginations are fuel for change (erwin’s words, not mine)

you can check out what’s going on further with this project by going to

have an amazing day!!

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