how about some feedback

so i had my first experience with REAL Nashville people this past weekend.  i got the opportunity to go to the Feedback Conference in Denton, TX.

it was great.  i got to hear lots of good music from both featured and showcase artists, and we also heard from some amazing people in the industry and some amazing pastors. 

People like Charlie Peacock (one of my heroes), Jamie George, Tom Jackson, Ryan Dobson, Allen Aguirre, and many more.  i have to tell you about the high point of the event for me.

it was when Shaun Groves came on the 2nd night.  Shaun (i’m sure all of the compassion people know this) is an AMAZING story teller, both through song and speech.  i was completely captured by what he talked about.  it’s what i’ve been studying for the last few months.  what truly is Good News?  Shaun spoke his heart and asked us what we were saved for?  He told us what it was for him.   over the last few days i’ve pondered that (i have lots of time as no one is knocking down the door to give me a job).  we all need a what for… so pray that as God takes me on the next part of the journey that i would begin to see that what for.  that’s also my prayer for you, that you would see how blessed you are and how you can bless those who aren’t as fortunate.

i don’t know how i did in the showcase, but there were two bands i recommend that you check out.  one is one of the featured bands “Luminate” , and the guys who won the showcase who i became friends with over the weekend, “Seraph”

Luminate has an EP on itunes, and Seraph has two albums there one called “Shout it Out”, the other called “Remember When”  check them out.

Much thanks to Terry Weaver and Marjorie Poff for putting together the Feedback Conference and to all the artists and amazing speakers and people who were there.

this post is part of Water Cooler Wednesday over at Ethos


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