this blog hopefully will take off for me

on my myspace blog i had well over 10,000 hits before i switched over to here.  slow going at first, but i’m up to 700 and i really haven’t pushed this blog.  so here is what i would love to happen.  if you read my blog or if you just happened to stumble by here, tell people about it.  i’m going to try and blog every day next week, and i’ll tell you except for job search and writer’s block, i have really nothing to write about except a bunch of music that i love, so that’s where i’ll start.  i do still want to tackle some of the things that bug me about religion and the church, but i’ll get to those when i have clearer thoughts.  so there is a challenge.  let’s get the blog count up to 1000 before the middle of September.  link me up people.

i hope you all have a great day, and i do want to remind you that college football started last night, and i am a happy camper.  2 1/2 words Wreck ’em Tech!!!




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