i know i promised to blog, but i got a little busy…

and i know i said i would blog about music, but i’m going to talk about a book instead.

so i was reading Pete Wilson’s blog a while back (do yourself a favor and read Pete’s blog every day, you’ll thank me for it) and he recommended a book.  so i’m in a book store (you have to understand, books and music are like crack to me, no seriously i’m addicted.) and i start looking for this book and it’s on sale, so that must mean that God wanted me to buy it.  i haven’t finished it yet, but i want you to consider reading it if you enjoy satire or great commentaries on life and especially views of the church.

the book is The Almost True Story of Ryan Fisher by Rob Stennett.

it’s a story about a real estate agent who realizes he can make money selling to Christians if he pretends to be one.  then he decides to start a church.  that’s where i am in the book.  here is my biggest observation so far…how many people in churches are just like this guy, playing the “game” to get ahead or move their own agenda forward, and how many of them are deluded enough to really believe that they are following Christ.

so go out and do yourself a favor.  i also check every book store and library in the area for Chasing Francis by Ian Cron, but have yet to find it.  i may have to break down and order it from Amazon.

have a great day

pray for me and my family that we will be able to see what’s next.

this post is part of Water Cooler Wednesdays over at Ethos


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