ok a music post

first off, happy birthday to my wonderful son Kooper.  He’s three today, and shares his birthday with Beyonce!!!

one thing i love about itunes is they give away free music.  i typically download the free tune of the week regardless of it’s genre.  occasionally there is something there that i really like and will go back and download the entire album(i’m pretty sure that’s what they want you to do anyway).

so about a month ago, i downloaded a track by Blind Pilot.

i quickly went back and downloaded the entire EP.

Blind Pilot is made up of Israel Nebeker and Ryan Dobrowski.  they have been friends since college and make up for some pure musical goodness.  They hail from Oregon which gives them immediate music cred for me.  i think if you are from Oregon, Texas or Alabama, i’ll probably listen to your CD. 

i don’t like to compare music, but if you like the Shins, Iron and Wine, Sufjan Stevens, or Sondre Lerche then odds are you’ll like these guys.  so go check out their album 3 Rounds and a Sound. i especially enjoy the guitar sound and minimalistic instrumentation throughout.  “Paint or Pollen” is one of my favorite tracks with the vibraphone section.  i also really like the track “Go On, Say It”.

support Indie music and fork over the $ to get this album.

they are currently on a “bike tour” of the west coast you can read about it here.


have a good one



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