well i have the honor

of playing guitar with the amazing worship band at Preston Trail Community Church this weekend, mad props to my friend Warren for hooking me up.

one of the songs we are doing set me on new music journey.

go and check out Brandon Heath.  I know he just dropped a new record, but his debut project is great.  we are doing the song “I’m not who I was”.  Brandon does a great job of weaving textured guitars and his vocals are amazing.  I’ll probably go and download both albums when i get a job…

speaking of which, i applied for one today that i really would love to have.  i’ve been praying for a miracle in our lives, and today Amy told me she had been praying for something BIG to break.  this job could be that, just pray that they at least give me an interview, all i need is a shot…

have a great day


you can check out the video to “I’m Not Who I Was” here


One comment

  1. I agree.. Brandon Heath is one of my favorite artist out there. He is very Matthew Westy to me but I love it. His debut album is great.. I love “dont get comfortable”. Also “I am not who I was” Is my personal anthem 😉
    I hope you are doing good!! We miss you.

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