so i like many other’s watched the VMA’s last night


i was severely disappointed.

first off, what were they thinking of when they hired Russell Brand to be the host.  he was terrible.  his brand of Cockney humor probably didn’t even register with half of the audience.  if i want political commentary, i’ll tune into CNN.  also lay off the Jonas Brothers.  i felt really bad for them. 

second, the setting…this is an awards show, it should be in a big theatre, not a sound stage.  the presenters were not very good and there was only one really good performance…Paramore.  Pink was ok.

third, can we just get over Lil’ Wayne, and can he pull his pants up?  i was done the moment he walked out in both of his performances.  and i’m pretty open minded when it comes to music.

Kanye’s performance got cut off on my DVR, but it wasn’t great.  he needs to stop singing and just rap.

so to say it stunk was an understatement.  at least let someone like Taylor Swift perform.  she’s great live.  i did like Kevin Jonas’ mandolin that looked like a Gibson Firebird.

at least the Cowboys and the Red Raiders won, so the weekend wasn’t a total loss, oh and yesterday at Preston Trail rocked.  i had so much fun playing and worshipping with those guys.  great band, great people.

hey, i’m trying to get 1000 hits by the end of September so link me up or pass the url along to your friends.


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