oh bookstore, why do you torture me?

i frequent the library and Half-Price Books, but the problem is they never have books that i really want, which forces me to go shopping at a few book stores.  i love Barnes and Noble.  i used to eat up Borders when there was one close by, and i like our local Mardel’s. (i have lots of problems with the way Mardel’s does things, but i love the staff at the one in our town).  i am basically a lover of books.  i love to read and i love to digest.  i’m getting close to finishing Wide Awake (which is amazing btw, the chapter titles alone should intrigue you to read it), and i’ve begun Glory Revealed (love David Nasser).  i also have The Road by Cormac McCarthy in my stack.

so i was in the book store the other day, and i would feel bad buying books as i do not currently have a job.  so i just look at them and wish that i had them.  is it so wrong to want a job so that i can buy books and music?  that sounds selfish.  i should buy mosquito nets and sponsor children.  i really have a weakness for books.  here are the four i currently am seeking to get.

Crazy Love-Francis Chan; Wild Goose Chase-Mark Batterson; Jesus Wants to Save Christians-Rob Bell; Chasing Francis-Ian Morgan Cron

so someone create a way for me to steer clear of the bookstore, and the guitar store, and Best Buy…

have a good one


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