so for all of us who don’t have the gift

or don’t have the time to practice as much as we like so that we can just hear things and play them.

a friend of mine pointed me to this site.

i don’t play electric all that well, and i occasionally need to see what is going on, so this site seems to be something i can latch onto.  while i’m on the subject of music, let me tell you about what i’m currently grooving to.

first off, i’m loving Charlie Hall, and not his new record although i hear it is spectacular.  i’m talking about “Flying into Daylight”  i guess i never realized what a great song “Marvelous Light” is, i had one of those breakdown, realize how amazing God is as i was singing along with Charlie to the lyric “sin has lost it’s power, death has lost it’s sting, from the grave You’ve risen…victoriously”  wow!

i’m also cruising to Fee right now.  “All Because of Jesus” and “Broadcast” just get my blood pumping.  I love “We Shine” but don’t know if your average church goer could rock it.

Finally throw some Starfield into the mix from their latest record and you have a wonderful modern worship trifecta.

this post is part of watercooler wednesdays over at Ethos


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