Month: October 2008

i’m a song and video poster as of late…

i promise a real written post in the next few days, but this video was too good to pass up.

these guys are amazing every time i’ve seen them on TV.  Jeff Tweedy blows me away, and i’m extremely jealous of their Fender Jaguars/Jazzmasters.  i want one… oh, and i love how they have their Grammy sitting out on the electric piano, much like Colbert has his Emmy on the mantle.

i had the privelege to attend…

(thanks to my good friend DW) the Art*Music*Justice tour on Saturday night.

what a great show and platform to talk about issues of justice.  i think i enjoyed when all of the artists played together the most.  Sandra McKracken has the most haunting voice and to hear her and Sarah Groves sing together was a treat.  Brandon Heath was amazing and Charlie Peacock remembered my name.  the highlight of the show for me was definitely hearing Monkey’s at the Zoo live.  i did have another favorite moment and it happened during Derek Webb’s portion.  Derek was discussing voting and how we have to live with our consciences and if that didn’t jive with the candidates, that we were perfectly within liberty to NOT vote.  this is Derek’s stance.  He didn’t say not to vote, he just said we need to really pray, read and think about it.  after he sang Savior on Capital Hill, a lady accosted him from the audience about voting.  my first question was, “didn’t you know you were coming to a Derek Webb show?” and my second was, “what are you thinking?”

Derek handled it like only a prophet and a pro could by talking about the heavenly father taking precedence over our forefathers and then said, “this is not your time, i’ll be happy to discuss it with you afterwards”.

i got to enjoy this with my 11 year old daughter Kenedy who thought that was the most rude thing she had ever seen.  it’s good that she has some of my musical sensibilities as she loves a good acoustic show, and also loves rocking it out.  a big smile crept up across my face as she got a kick out of the lyrics to Monkeys at the Zoo.  all the way home she kept saying “smells sorta funky too.”

i’m so proud.

hey go check out one of my former student’s band.  they are out of austin and are making some nice music.

The Beautiful Fools


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ok a short story inspired by something i read…

so i was reading Chuck Klosterman’s book and he talked about growing up in rural North Dakota and how track meets were the equivalent of singles bars for high school students and i can’t say i don’t agree.  i went to track meets not because i was a great runner.  in fact, i might have been the worst runner on the planet.  i mean i needed a calendar to time my two mile, but week after week, i was there at the track meet to try to meet girls that didn’t live in my town.  girls from Paducah and Smyer were the ones i liked the best.  i think people felt sorry for me because i was so slow.  i probably could have gone faster, but a better time was not in my vision.  sitting on the high jump mat talking with a cute blonde was.  so there you have it.  track meets gave me an opportunity to travel to another town to convince girls i wasn’t a big dork like they knew i was in my town, and all of the girls from my town never told these girls what a big nerd i was because it meant i was leaving them alone.  yeah.  by the time i hit my Junior and Senior years, i was out of athletics and had moved on to Speech Meets, but that is another story.

i remember…

what an amazing lyricist Charlie Peacock is…


“the disease of self, runs through my blood.  it’s a cancer fatal to my soul.  every attempt on my behalf has failed. to bring this sickness under control”

Wow!  it got me to thinking about what is important to me, and the stories of my life.  do i have good stories?  i enjoy telling some of them, but the question remains…would my stories make good songs?  and if they would how do i put those combinations of words together that would entrance and grab people to relive those moments with me. 

the other question is…has my life been so self absorbed and uneventful that i don’t have great stories to tell?  have i just not lived life to its fullest? 

oh, i want to encourage all of you to become part of something bigger than ourselves.  it’s called the international justice mission.  this organization is committed to ending human enslavement and trafficking, something i’m very passionate about.  so let’s seek justice together.

any prayer or suggestions would be appreciated…

i’m currently unemployed.  i would love to work for a church or ministry of some kind in some capacity, but nobody is knocking the doors down to hire me.  i wrote a few days ago about the Starbucks application.  i turned it in, but can’t interview with that store until next week.  i also stopped by a music “academy” to see if they have any teaching positions open.  i turned in an application for Mardel and i’ve thought of applying at Guitar Center.  i went to a thing on thursday night, but i don’t know if i’m cut out for corporate America or if i could even get a job in any industry.  so i wait.  we wait to see what God will do.  there are glimpses of hope, and then they seem to fade away.  why is that?  so if you read this, please pray for us.  not that i would land a job so i could make lots of money, but that i could do the thing that God has called me to do.

my current reading material…

other than Francis Chan who is still kicking my butt, is an interesting take on Metal in the 80’s called Fargo Rock City: A Heavy Metal Odessey in Rural North Dakota by Chuck Klosterman.

i had read some reviews of this book and when i saw it at the library i thought…why not? so i picked it up. 

now i definitely don’t have the same music tastes at Klosterman.  he and i are roughly the same age, he loves Motley Crue and Poison while i leaned more toward The Police, the Cure, and Mojo Nixon and Skid Roper.  i have to admit that i did have some of the albums he mentions and we both would be remiss to part with our recordings of Appetite for Destruction, in fact the one thing i can agree with him on is that Guns & Roses might be the best metal/rock group to come out of the hard partying 80’s.

Klosterman is a great writer.  his depiction of rural America and the music that he loved and still loves is right up my alley.  i grew up in small towns all over TX and i never felt as if i fit in.  while all my classmates were wearing boots and Wranglers, i wore 501’s and Converse All Stars.  They loved George Strait, i loved Dire Straits.  it wasn’t until i went to college and the “big city” of Lubbock that i began to be around people who were more like me.  Klosterman even has a term to describe this phenomenon…”redneck intellectual”.  i would never claim to be a redneck, but he says that describes a person meant for the city who still has some small town sensibility.

if you like well written memoirs, then this is a good book.  if you are offended by language, drug talk and the mention of commercial driven “Satan worship”, then this is probably not for you.  he does make great arguments that everything that metal was and is, was driven by the labels and what the fans expected.  i can say i relate to Klosterman and not just because we have the same first name.  i don’t have his penchant for being drunk in public, but you can read about that in the book.

so it was a fun read, not too intellectually taxing and if you “don’t need nothing, but a good time” it’s worth your while.

so i have this application…

for Starbucks sitting on my counter.   i need a job, but don’t know if i should go and interview for a position.  i mean if i get a job there, i will need to train, and then i will have a schedule.  what if one of my kids gets sick?  who is going to take Kooper to speech? all of these things going on, yet i know that we need the money to pay for insurance and house payments.  i still believe that God has a church for me out there, but i just don’t know when it’s going to happen.  i’m praying that He will show me through His infinite wisdom what He has for me to do.  if that is to work at Starbucks, then let me put the apron on and ask you if you want whipped cream on that.

have a blessed day!