so i thought i would write about an “obscure” band today

Future of Forestry is one of my favorite bands.   you can go and hear music samples there.  Eric also has a blog you can check out.

so their first album Twilight is amazing.  i feel about it much like i do Leeland’s debut recording.  there is sonic goodness on pretty much every track.  i was just in the Family Christian store one day and this seashell on the cover just drew me in.  i had read about them in Relevant magazine (Cameron Strang is my hero) and so there was some familiarity.  i tore off the plastic, popped the CD in my car and….WOW the music just washed over me.  they use layers and melody and meter so well.  i was blown away.  i would repeat the track i just heard to see if i could glean anything new out of it (i love complex music), but this is complexity paired with beauty.  i would stack this album up with any that i bought last year and that includes Viva La Vida!!  my guilty pleasure track would have to be “If You Find Her”.  great acoustic guitar and vocal harmonies.  check out the video to Open Wide the opening track.

i just love all of the things that go into what they do.  they are all multiple instrumentalists from guitar, to keyboards, to brass and melodic percussion.  if you like the soundtrack to Friday Night Lights, you will dig Future of Forestry.  so do yourself a favor, go check them out and then buy Twilight, you’ll have some cool new music and you’ll also be helping the economy to recover. 

this post is part of Watercooler Wednesdays over at Randy Elrod’s blog Ethos!


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