what is it…

about us that keeps us from being giving people?  i was thinking about this as i watched the congress give away $700 billion+ to float an already shaky economy and i thought about how the economy is America’s god.  as long as we have what we want it is alright, but the moment that we get squeezed a little then who we really are comes out.  and who those people really are, are a bunch of self-absorbed, selfish people.  we withhold what is good because we think we won’t have enough to get the things we want when God has clearly said in His Word, He is Provider.  we fail to give because we fear it may affect our bottom line. 

 let me share this interesting dichotomy…the average salary in the Dominican Republic is $2 a day.  let me repeat that $2 a day.  a bag of rice in the Dominican Republic is $23.  is something wrong with that picture?  we forget that we have so much, and the rest of the world has so little, yet America is whining because stocks are down and banks are failing.  that’s the chance they take in a supposed “free market”(which doesn’t appear so “free” anymore now that it is beholding to the government).  this has turned into a rambling rant.  not my intent.  let me go back to my original question…what keeps us from being a giving people?  i think it’s that we don’t believe God.  we don’t believe in the worth of the kingdom so that we would sell all we have to buy the field that contains the treasure.  we don’t take God at His word when He says “come follow Me”.  we are so consumed with maintaining all of our stuff, that we miss His still, small voice that says “come to Me, all of you who labor, and I will give you rest.”

i don’t want to be selfish.  how about you…


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