i noticed on my blog stats….

(which i check religiously because i have this incessant need to know that people are actually reading what i write…) that people are hitting the flickr link.  i don’t know why i have that on there because i don’t even have a flickr account.  maybe i should remove it…in fact i don’t know why i originally added it…could this be one of those big life questions…i don’t think so.  i’m much more concerned with getting a new job than with how many people linked to flickr from my blog.

ok, you know how the news and radio programs like to do “teasers”.  ok, consider yourself teased if you like book reviews because i’m going to do one tomorrow.  if you have any fascination with Kurt Cobain, then tune in for my take on Heavier than Heaven by Charles R. Cross.

hope you have a great day.  we are all feeling better, thanks for your prayers.


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