i remember…

what an amazing lyricist Charlie Peacock is…


“the disease of self, runs through my blood.  it’s a cancer fatal to my soul.  every attempt on my behalf has failed. to bring this sickness under control”

Wow!  it got me to thinking about what is important to me, and the stories of my life.  do i have good stories?  i enjoy telling some of them, but the question remains…would my stories make good songs?  and if they would how do i put those combinations of words together that would entrance and grab people to relive those moments with me. 

the other question is…has my life been so self absorbed and uneventful that i don’t have great stories to tell?  have i just not lived life to its fullest? 

oh, i want to encourage all of you to become part of something bigger than ourselves.  it’s called the international justice mission.  this organization is committed to ending human enslavement and trafficking, something i’m very passionate about.  so let’s seek justice together.


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