ok a short story inspired by something i read…

so i was reading Chuck Klosterman’s book and he talked about growing up in rural North Dakota and how track meets were the equivalent of singles bars for high school students and i can’t say i don’t agree.  i went to track meets not because i was a great runner.  in fact, i might have been the worst runner on the planet.  i mean i needed a calendar to time my two mile, but week after week, i was there at the track meet to try to meet girls that didn’t live in my town.  girls from Paducah and Smyer were the ones i liked the best.  i think people felt sorry for me because i was so slow.  i probably could have gone faster, but a better time was not in my vision.  sitting on the high jump mat talking with a cute blonde was.  so there you have it.  track meets gave me an opportunity to travel to another town to convince girls i wasn’t a big dork like they knew i was in my town, and all of the girls from my town never told these girls what a big nerd i was because it meant i was leaving them alone.  yeah.  by the time i hit my Junior and Senior years, i was out of athletics and had moved on to Speech Meets, but that is another story.


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