i had the privelege to attend…

(thanks to my good friend DW) the Art*Music*Justice tour on Saturday night.

what a great show and platform to talk about issues of justice.  i think i enjoyed when all of the artists played together the most.  Sandra McKracken has the most haunting voice and to hear her and Sarah Groves sing together was a treat.  Brandon Heath was amazing and Charlie Peacock remembered my name.  the highlight of the show for me was definitely hearing Monkey’s at the Zoo live.  i did have another favorite moment and it happened during Derek Webb’s portion.  Derek was discussing voting and how we have to live with our consciences and if that didn’t jive with the candidates, that we were perfectly within liberty to NOT vote.  this is Derek’s stance.  He didn’t say not to vote, he just said we need to really pray, read and think about it.  after he sang Savior on Capital Hill, a lady accosted him from the audience about voting.  my first question was, “didn’t you know you were coming to a Derek Webb show?” and my second was, “what are you thinking?”

Derek handled it like only a prophet and a pro could by talking about the heavenly father taking precedence over our forefathers and then said, “this is not your time, i’ll be happy to discuss it with you afterwards”.

i got to enjoy this with my 11 year old daughter Kenedy who thought that was the most rude thing she had ever seen.  it’s good that she has some of my musical sensibilities as she loves a good acoustic show, and also loves rocking it out.  a big smile crept up across my face as she got a kick out of the lyrics to Monkeys at the Zoo.  all the way home she kept saying “smells sorta funky too.”

i’m so proud.

hey go check out one of my former student’s band.  they are out of austin and are making some nice music.

The Beautiful Fools


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