Month: November 2008

i think this says it for me.

i totally stole this from Carlos Whittaker over at Ragamuffin Soul.  thanks for speaking my heart LosWhit!


Dear Church Member,

(This is not written to anyone in particular. Rather to every church member of every church out there)

You may like the way your worship leader sings.

You may like the way your worship leader looks.

You may like what your worship leader says.

You may like the songs your worship leader writes.

All that is dandy. It is great to feel those nice, pretty, shiney things.

But it is not about you. It is not about your likes, needs, and comfort at all.

The reason they stand before you is to lead you to a place of unabandoned worship in your Savior.

The reason they stand before you is to display to you a lifestyle of worship that God has called you and them into.

The reason they stand before you is to CHALLENGE you that your level of praise to God Almighty should take a step up.

The reason they stand before you is because God Himself, has called them, TO LEAD YOU in worship. This means that you need leading. So stop staring at them, and start following them.

Get The Jonas Brothers and Miley Cyrus to lead worship at your church if you’re in it for kicks and giggles. But if you are in it to be led… Swallow your pride and follow your leader.

i’m blogging from Tuleta, TX…

i think you can actually mapquest it.  the population is something like 75.  my father in law is the pastor of the little Baptist church here.  i think they have 9 or 10 members. 

so we made it here with 4 living children although i didn’t know if that was going to be the case as 3 of them drove Amy and i crazy for the majority of the trip.  i did find a new thing that makes me happy.  it’s called loop 130 around Austin and it makes my trip much faster and lets me avoid downtown I-35 traffic.  i highly recommend it. 

we are here til Saturday and will be driving home, so pray for our children and for our sanity. 

have a great Turkey Day.  be sure to get up early and watch the “Macy’s parade” or you might miss this….

nothing like John Jacobsen on Thanksgiving morning.  😉 i met him at an elementary music meeting once.  he’s OVER THE TOP! and by over the top i mean he should be taken in small doses.

i haven’t had the opportunity to read Seth Godin’s “Tribes”yet…

but i’m taking my “tribe” of a wife and 4 kids to my in-laws for the rest of the week.  it will be nice to get away to the sleepy little village of Tuleta, TX.  the food and company is always good.  i really do love my wife’s parents.  her sister will be in as well.  one thing Amy’s family does is we always go shopping in Corpus Christi the day after Thanksgiving. we always have a great time. we used to eat at Luby’s, but it’s not there anymore.  i’m the official driver which has allowed me to pretty much know Corpus Christi really well.

i hope we don’t run into this…

have a happy Turkey Day!!

i have this theory!

it’s about East Texas…

i thought about it one day as i was listening to music.  when i think of worship leaders several names come to mind…Paul Baloche, David Crowder, Chris Tomlin, Shane and Shane.  lots of great worship leaders and they all are from Texas.  with the exception of one of the Shanes, they are all specifically from East Texas.  Well I will clarify that, Paul Baloche is from Philadelphia, but he got to Lindale as fast as he could.


Tomlin is from Grand Saline


 and Crowder is from Texarkana.


so what is your point Chuck?  well i have this idea of the mantle being passed to these guys from Keith Green.


he built his place in Garden Valley, just outside of Lindale and lived with “no compromise”!  i believe his legacy lives on in these worship leaders.  it’s just a theory, nothing i can prove, but i believe his life, that ended to early at 28, made an impression on people that live in that area of the state.  his willingness to live the life that God called him to blessed that land  so there you have it.  it’s not a conspiracy theory, just a theory.

i also believe that Rich Mullins handed his prophet mantle to Derek Webb, but we’ll save that for another time.


hopefully you don’t think i’m too crazy.  have a great day.

i decided to post twice today…

mainly because i want to introduce you to a band i really like.

back in 1998 i started teaching school in Hico, Texas.  it was at this point that i had the opportunity of teaching a young man who was a drummer.  at the age of 14, he had something that not alot of seasoned drummers have.  he had touch, he had style.  He was one of the best drummers i had ever played with.  we started a band with another friend called Valushift and did many camps, retreats and d-Now’s.  i moved to take another job, but i always knew his musical ability would carry over into a career.

fast forward to now and this guys is in a band in Austin.  They are called The Beautiful Fools.


that’s Casey in the middle. 

their new EP just dropped on itunes.  so do me a favor and go check them out.  let me know what you think.  I really like this album and hope that they go far.  oh, and if you have a spot on your tour, or you want them to come play a camp or retreat, drop them a line.


so in response to my blog yesterday…

i actually had comments both here and on facebook.  so i will address these treatments of bands that my readers thought might make good musicals.

first up Explosions in the Sky


i like this band a whole lot, but the fact that there are no lyrics makes them only a background soundtrack, which they have already done in “Friday Night Lights”.  now don’t get me wrong, this is pure sonic goodness, but I don’t think we could write a treatment for a musical.  possibly a ballet, but i’m thinking no!

second up

Counting Crows


for sure the lyrical content of Adam Duritz makes for great story telling.  i mean his songs are stories in themselves.  Jeff had a great treatment of this in his comment and since he is my friend who is the resident expert on this band, i would have to collaborate with him.  i’m sure this could be the next great rock opera to hit the scene.

in my conversation with Jeff about this subject, i mentioned another of his favorites.  Ben Folds…


we both agreed that the show would definitely have to be rated R because of Ben’s fondness for the F-bomb.  again, though, another amazing story teller.  of course the two main characters would have to be Zak without a “c” and Sara without an “h”.

a friend of mine from High School joked to me that Michael Jackson songs might make a good story.


he then said something about Michael’s penchant for little boys and France.  i do think “Thriller” is a story in itself, and you can probably take any song and put it into a story.  but i’m really not a fan, and would not be too passionate about doing a story on “the gloved one”.

one of my former students chimed in on how they would give their left arm to have a musical written based on Jars of Clay songs


so if you need a left arm, get to work.  I think Jars have a lot of great songs.  maybe a wonderful redemption story.  i can think of 4 songs for the opening for sure.

so there you have it, people actually weighed in, and i had the most hits on my blog ever yesterday.  not that stats count.  only good writing.  i hope that you feel you get something here.  i’m by no means an expert, but i will continue to write as it is fun and therapuetic for me.

have a great day

today i’m pondering the greatness of U2!


i was listening to “All You Can’t Leave Behind” today and had an idea that i’m sure someone already has in the works, because there is nothing new under the sun.  I was listening to “New York” and thought, how cool would it be for someone to make a movie/musical based on U2 songs, ala “Across the Universe” and “Moving Out”.  so if anyone wants to collaborate on that, let me know.  otherwise Twila Tharp and Julie Taymor will beat us to it.  i have this uncanny ability to place songs in cool context and come up with great stories, so if someone wants to help me write a script and arrange the songs, then lets get on it.  we could win a Tony.  haha.  like i said i’m sure someone else is already on it.  Bono, if you are reading my blog, drop me a comment or an email and let me know what you think.  i would definitely donate all proceeds to Red and One!

what band’s music do you think would be a good soundtrack to a movie or musical?  i’d like some comments on this one.

i thought i would pose a question today…

it’s from Crazy Love by Francis Chan!

there is a Q&A portion at the end of the book and i wanted to share the question and Francis’ answer.

Q: You talk about believing in God without having a clue what He’s like.  As a Christian, how is that possible?

A:  Because we are taught so little about God, most people just want to know what God can do for them rather than desiring to know Him.  When we present the gospel, we try to answer one question: How do I keep from going to hell?  After that question is answered, we stop asking questions about God.  With the American church being so concerned about converts, we don’t take the time to present the God-centered universe to people.  We don’t try to dig deep into the truth of God.  We need to learn the attributes of God before we know what He is like.

is that where we are.  we just go to God like He’s a cosmic Santa Claus, or do we truly desire to know Him?  as i keep reading the Psalms, i see this deep desire in the writer’s heart to truly know and follow after God.  Jesus tells us to go and make disciples.  which means the invitation is simple.  come, follow Him and learn from and of Him, so that we may be more like Him.

have a wonderful day