i had planned to blog about…

the election results today, but i decided to let that simmer a little more.  i have some things i want to say regarding issues, but want to say them in a way that builds up, not tears down.  i do want to say that i am praying for Obama.  he is our president and needs our prayers.  i want to believe that he has good motives and i will not speak ill of him even if i disagree with what he does.

that being said, i was watching VH1 this morning and found a rare gem of a video.  i went exploring on youtube and basically found an artist who is new to me, but i wanted to share with all of you.

here name is Missy Higgins.  she’s a singer songwriter from Australia and i really dig her stuff. i really enjoyed the video for “Where I Stood”  it’s  a very artistic offering and so check it out.

i hope that you enjoyed it as well.  have a great day!

this post is part of Watercooler Wednesdays over at Randy Elrod’s Ethos


One comment

  1. Like you, I have decided to get behind our new president. It will not be easy for me, but I believe it is the right thing to do. And like you, I will be praying for him. Hey, when you’re praying for him… could you throw in a few for me? I didn’t take the election results very well.

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