i was reading this passage today…

out of Hosea Chapter 10

1 How prosperous Israel is—
      a luxuriant vine loaded with fruit.
   But the richer the people get,
      the more pagan altars they build.
   The more bountiful their harvests,
      the more beautiful their sacred pillars.
 2 The hearts of the people are fickle;
      they are guilty and must be punished.
   The Lord will break down their altars
      and smash their sacred pillars.
 3 Then they will say, “We have no king
      because we didn’t fear the Lord.
   But even if we had a king,
      what could he do for us anyway?”
 4 They spout empty words
      and make covenants they don’t intend to keep.
   So injustice springs up among them
      like poisonous weeds in a farmer’s field. 


doesn’t that sound just like the USA?  how luxurious? the richer we get, the more pagan altars we build.  wow!  i’m convicted by reading that. 

Israel was intended by God to be a blessing to the nations.  they were supposed to declare the glory of the Lord, but instead, they viewed their blessing as being elite.  they prospered and grew lazy about the things of God forgetting where the blessing came from.  as C.J. Mahaney says, “the epitaph on Israels tombstone is…they too quickly forgot”.

have we forgotten the source of all blessing and life?  do we take credit for our successes?  are we like the nation of Israel and only concerned about our own blessing?  i think that we are deceived in so many ways to think that God would continue to bless America when we continually withhold blessing from those who cry out to God.  God hears the voice of the oppressed and He will come to their rescue.  we can either be a part or we can have the blessing taken from us.  what do you choose to do?


One comment

  1. In the ’30s America faced a financial crisis and relied on Uncle Sam. Today we face another crisis and again rely on Uncle Sam. Our leaders refer to America as the world’s last great hope. Our chickens have come to roost. We are facing our own ends because we rely on wealth and not the LORD. “Knowledge puffs up.”

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