i wrote about how i wanted to be like my son the other day…

well one year ago today, we adopted him.  he became ours forever.  it’s an amazing thing to take a child into your home who is difficult and learn to love him and bond with him.  it’s very challenging.


i don’t know if people realize it or not, but there is a reason Paul uses the analogy of adoption when he talks about us becoming part of the family of God.  according to law both Roman in the time of Paul, and our laws today, adopted children cannot be disowned.  once you are adopted, you can never be given back.  so for God to give Paul that language and to say we are joint heirs with Christ is pretty neat.  Kooper has all the rights and priveleges that my biological daughters have.  i just thought i would share that with you.  if you are interested in adoption, drop me a comment and i will be happy to give you some resources to get you started.  if you don’t think you are ready to take a child into your home, you can always adopt a compassion child or one from every orphan’s hope.

have a great day



  1. Chuck, great post. Adopted, truly amazing when we ponder our “family position” in Christ! There are no orphans of God!!

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