i decided to post twice today…

mainly because i want to introduce you to a band i really like.

back in 1998 i started teaching school in Hico, Texas.  it was at this point that i had the opportunity of teaching a young man who was a drummer.  at the age of 14, he had something that not alot of seasoned drummers have.  he had touch, he had style.  He was one of the best drummers i had ever played with.  we started a band with another friend called Valushift and did many camps, retreats and d-Now’s.  i moved to take another job, but i always knew his musical ability would carry over into a career.

fast forward to now and this guys is in a band in Austin.  They are called The Beautiful Fools.


that’s Casey in the middle. 

their new EP just dropped on itunes.  so do me a favor and go check them out.  let me know what you think.  I really like this album and hope that they go far.  oh, and if you have a spot on your tour, or you want them to come play a camp or retreat, drop them a line.



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