so in response to my blog yesterday…

i actually had comments both here and on facebook.  so i will address these treatments of bands that my readers thought might make good musicals.

first up Explosions in the Sky


i like this band a whole lot, but the fact that there are no lyrics makes them only a background soundtrack, which they have already done in “Friday Night Lights”.  now don’t get me wrong, this is pure sonic goodness, but I don’t think we could write a treatment for a musical.  possibly a ballet, but i’m thinking no!

second up

Counting Crows


for sure the lyrical content of Adam Duritz makes for great story telling.  i mean his songs are stories in themselves.  Jeff had a great treatment of this in his comment and since he is my friend who is the resident expert on this band, i would have to collaborate with him.  i’m sure this could be the next great rock opera to hit the scene.

in my conversation with Jeff about this subject, i mentioned another of his favorites.  Ben Folds…


we both agreed that the show would definitely have to be rated R because of Ben’s fondness for the F-bomb.  again, though, another amazing story teller.  of course the two main characters would have to be Zak without a “c” and Sara without an “h”.

a friend of mine from High School joked to me that Michael Jackson songs might make a good story.


he then said something about Michael’s penchant for little boys and France.  i do think “Thriller” is a story in itself, and you can probably take any song and put it into a story.  but i’m really not a fan, and would not be too passionate about doing a story on “the gloved one”.

one of my former students chimed in on how they would give their left arm to have a musical written based on Jars of Clay songs


so if you need a left arm, get to work.  I think Jars have a lot of great songs.  maybe a wonderful redemption story.  i can think of 4 songs for the opening for sure.

so there you have it, people actually weighed in, and i had the most hits on my blog ever yesterday.  not that stats count.  only good writing.  i hope that you feel you get something here.  i’m by no means an expert, but i will continue to write as it is fun and therapuetic for me.

have a great day


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