i have this theory!

it’s about East Texas…

i thought about it one day as i was listening to music.  when i think of worship leaders several names come to mind…Paul Baloche, David Crowder, Chris Tomlin, Shane and Shane.  lots of great worship leaders and they all are from Texas.  with the exception of one of the Shanes, they are all specifically from East Texas.  Well I will clarify that, Paul Baloche is from Philadelphia, but he got to Lindale as fast as he could.


Tomlin is from Grand Saline


 and Crowder is from Texarkana.


so what is your point Chuck?  well i have this idea of the mantle being passed to these guys from Keith Green.


he built his place in Garden Valley, just outside of Lindale and lived with “no compromise”!  i believe his legacy lives on in these worship leaders.  it’s just a theory, nothing i can prove, but i believe his life, that ended to early at 28, made an impression on people that live in that area of the state.  his willingness to live the life that God called him to blessed that land  so there you have it.  it’s not a conspiracy theory, just a theory.

i also believe that Rich Mullins handed his prophet mantle to Derek Webb, but we’ll save that for another time.


hopefully you don’t think i’m too crazy.  have a great day.


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