i’m blogging from Tuleta, TX…

i think you can actually mapquest it.  the population is something like 75.  my father in law is the pastor of the little Baptist church here.  i think they have 9 or 10 members. 

so we made it here with 4 living children although i didn’t know if that was going to be the case as 3 of them drove Amy and i crazy for the majority of the trip.  i did find a new thing that makes me happy.  it’s called loop 130 around Austin and it makes my trip much faster and lets me avoid downtown I-35 traffic.  i highly recommend it. 

we are here til Saturday and will be driving home, so pray for our children and for our sanity. 

have a great Turkey Day.  be sure to get up early and watch the “Macy’s parade” or you might miss this….

nothing like John Jacobsen on Thanksgiving morning.  😉 i met him at an elementary music meeting once.  he’s OVER THE TOP! and by over the top i mean he should be taken in small doses.


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