Month: December 2008

today i took Kenedy and Kooper

down to Mesquite Memorial Stadium to watch the Goin’ Band from Raiderland rehearse…

it was cold!!!!!  Kooper sat and watched and listened for about an hour and a half.  we got to see the band go through their warm-ups and play through their music.  it was neat.  they were retooling the Pirate show for the CottonBowl.  some of the kids weren’t there, so it was a little smaller. i would have loved to see the new uni’s


they got down to the part of rehearsal where they kept going back and forth and Kooper got a little bored and started acting up, so we left.  i enjoyed taking my oldest daughter to see something that i used to be a part of.  she said she wants to be in the band at Tech someday.  maybe she’ll get to go on an oboe scholarship.  she was more interested to know if they had an Honor’s band than she was the marching band, but we all have to march sometime.

here is a video from the t.u. game and the show the band is doing

i thought i’d write a real blog today…

short, but at least it’s about something

one of my favorite things to do is find and listen to new worship music.  i’m always looking for the new song.  there is one exception to that.  i LOVE the music of Lincoln Brewster.



he is an amazing artist and here is what i love.  not only is he a great worship leader, guitar player, singer and songwriter, he is an awesome arranger.  Lincoln can take an old, tired song and breathe new life into it.  i prefer his arrangements of most worship songs almost 80% of the time.  he takes the original and puts his own flavor on it to make it fresh.  i love that.  i wish i could do that. check out his arrangements to Shout to the Lord, You are Good, Salvation is Here, and so many other songs.

so with that said, here he is playing one of my favorite songs that he does.  i only wish i could throw down the guitar stuff like he does.  amazing.  enjoy

well if i cared about blog stats…

then i would be a little upset that mine have tanked in the last two weeks.  but since it’s the holidays and not alot of people are online, i haven’t been writing that much.  a few posts here and there.  

we had a great Christmas.  my kids enjoyed it very much.  my parent’s left today and we are taking it easy until Saturday when we go to see my grandparents before the kids have to go back to school.  i’m excited that i get to go and worship with Jim Drake next Sunday, it will be good to see what’s up in West Texas.

well that’s all i have today.  the good news is, i’m sitting on my couch blogging.  much more comfortable than the stool at the computer desk.  oh, and my daughter is now “dumpster diving”.  she found a really cool desk for her room out on trash day.  go Kenedy.

my son Jose…

loves Elmo!  he loves Santa too, but Elmo more.  he calls Santa, “Nanta” and every time he sees him on tv he says “Nanta, Nanta, Ho, ho, ho!”, but that pales in comparison to his love for Elmo.


he calls him “Melmo” and if we see him it’s an event.  bouncing, jumping, screaming.  

so guess what the boy got for Christmas…that’s right lots of Elmo stuff.  as i’m typing he’s watching “Elmo in Grouchland”.

so we have our first thing we’re a fan of.  Kooper loves Bob the Builder, Karson loves Demi Lovato, and Kenedy is a Flyleaf/Paramore fan.  Amy is a Rap/Hip Hop enthusiast, and i would really love to go see Wilco, Travis and U2.

who are you a fan of!

we like to play RockBand…

lately my 3 year old has been wanting to play, so we started handing him the wireless guitar and making him think he’s playing.  he has a good time and we have fun watching him.  so today, he’s started putting some new “moves” into his guitar playing (he’s just began to show interest in the guitar even though i’m always playing and he loves music)  so here is a video of Kooper rocking out to STP with his sisters.  he is playing his “tar”.  be sure to watch for his rock sign at the end.

so yesterday

i was just in the mood for Pearl Jam…


i think i may have liked them better than Nirvana.  to me in the 90’s, Nirvana was a sledge hammer hitting a cinderblock while Pearl Jam was more like a steamroller.  musically they both spoke to me, but something about the bluesy grinding of Vedder and company had me.  i always had to look at liner notes to see what both bands were saying.  i guess the final thing that made Pearl Jam stick out to me was Vedder’s ability to tell a story.  Cobain was so obtuse and surreal with his lyrics.  i enjoyed the engimatic puzzle, but i enjoy the story more and i think Vedder moved past that in a poetic sense.

i remember seeing them on SNL in 1994 and being blown away by the performance. 

i also remember Adam Sandler doing Operaman and singing gibberish to “Even Flow”

i always wanted to have long hair like Eddie (now i just wish i had hair), but being a teacher didn’t allow me that.  i did have many flannel shirts and an ugly pair of workboots.  i’ve often thought of putting together a Pearl Jam tribute band, but what are the chances (any takers, just leave a comment)

so i leave you with one of my favorite Pearl Jam songs…

one of my favorite apps on my iphone

is the YouVersion Bible from

it has a daily read and a search function as well as many translations.  it’s nice to be able to look at a verse on my phone and automatically have translations and commentaries.  it’s like biblegateway mobile.

that being said, the other day the daily reading was from Micah 6 where verse 8 says

He has showed you, O man, what is good.
       And what does the LORD require of you?
       To act justly and to love mercy
       and to walk humbly with your God. NIV

i’ve heard that many times.  it’s in many songs and is a very familiar verse to many people.  so i just thought i would see what it said in some other translations and paraphrases,  just to get a different take on language and idea behind the verse.

this one spoke to me the most.

But he’s already made it plain how to live, what to do,
   what God is looking for in men and women.
It’s quite simple: Do what is fair and just to your neighbor,
   be compassionate and loyal in your love,
And don’t take yourself too seriously—
   take God seriously. MSG

as i read that it hit me, when i take myself too seriously, i’m not humble.  pride is taking ourselves too serious, like what we have to say or do is more important than other’s!  also that to act justly is to do what is fair and just and to love mercy is to be compassionate and loyal in my love to others.  that just opened that passage up for me. 

if it’s one thing i don’t want to be it is prideful.  i long for the greatness of humility in my life.  so as i look at the last 6 months and how often i’ve taken myself or been forced to take myself too seriously, it’s just that pride creeping back in.  oh God, take that away! let me be just, merciful, and humble like you want me to be.