i guess i’ve always….

championed the fringe of music.  i never was a big fan of the platinum selling artist, (unless you count The Beatles or James Taylor.)

i’ve always liked music that other people really don’t find palatable or they have never heard.  so here is where i introduce you to another one of my favorite bands that you’ve probably never heard of.

Fighting Instinct


they describe their sound as Southern-flavored, soulful rock with intricate melodies.  they list classic rockers like Zeppelin and Hendrix, Southern rockers Lynyrd Skynyrd, and modern bands like Soundgarden and Foo Fighters among their influences.

i first ran across these guys on the FREAKED compilation that paid tribute to the 10th anniversary of DC Talk’s Jesus Freak!  i then got to meet them at a 5th quarter they did for our church.  they were just passing through and came and played for 2 hours for $300 and a hotel room.  amazing live show.  it was just the three piece then.  they’ve since changed drummers and added a second guitar player, but they still RAWK!  i picked up their debut CD and i was listening to it today.  the last song is just an amazing track.  it doesn’t rock as hard as the others, but you need to hear this song.  i’ll post it and then something a little harder…


this one isn’t really synched up, but you can see how they rock


One comment

  1. I totally agree about Fighting Instinct. Very old school southern rock feel to them which i thoroughly enjoy. I also agree with your endorsement of Anberlin. Keep endorsing what you call the fringe of music!

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