so i really like

the Frisco library.  they often have books that i am not able to purchase and so i still get to read them.  i especially like their selection of biographies and it was there that i first discovered Seth Godin, Chuck Klosterman, and Cormac McCarthy.

so i asked them to order a book and it FINALLY came in after 4 months.  the book is Chasing Francis by Ian Morgan Cron.


i’m still reading it, but wanted to share a little about it with you.  it’s basically a novel, but with lots of historical facts.  it is the story of Chase Falson a pastor who realizes he doesn’t have all the answers anymore so he sets off on a pilgrimmage to find them.  he goes to Italy to, in essence, chase Francis of Assisi and find out what this simple monk truly believed. 

it is a fun and interesting read and Mr. Cron does a wonderful job of visualizing the beauty of the Umbrian countryside and the culture of Italy.  his book is very historical and he has taken great care in being accurate.  the characters are very real and loveable.  i can really relate with them.  i also was very pleased that Cron dropped in his love for 20th Century Orchestral music.

so if you are looking for a good read, and you live in Frisco, i’ll be turning the book in the next week or so.  if you want to take a look at it otherwise, most bookstores i’ve been to, don’t have it, so you would have to Amazon it.  i may buy it anyway, just to have.

have a great day



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