i was reading posts at my old blog…

and thought i would repost this.  i struck me as being altogether transcendent, beautiful and meaningful.  that post yesterday is how i intend to live my life.

When Jesus forgave us of our sins, it was not just for our personal salvation or for heaven.  He turned us into salt and light;  we are transformed.  we no longer have the same, bland taste of everyone and everything else in the world, instead, we are salty people who bring the flavor and spice of Jesus to our relationships and daily life.  we don’t sneak around in the dark anymore, but we walk in the light.  so why do we so often “taste” like the world and our light is so faint?

even though we have been transformed into Salt and Light, we can choose to live a life contrary to who we actually are.  we can dilute  the taste by filling it with the flavor of the world.  we can stick our light in a closet.  it’s like living as a homeless person when i actually have a home.  it is a denial of who we really are!  so be salty, let your light shine.  people will see you being salty and shiny and glorify God.

but beware, because people love the darkness and do not want you spicing up their lives, some will insult and make life hard for you. don’t be sad, be joyful in your suffering, and continue to produce salty, shiny fruit.

paraphrase of Mike Stroope from All Peoples


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