so yesterday

i was just in the mood for Pearl Jam…


i think i may have liked them better than Nirvana.  to me in the 90’s, Nirvana was a sledge hammer hitting a cinderblock while Pearl Jam was more like a steamroller.  musically they both spoke to me, but something about the bluesy grinding of Vedder and company had me.  i always had to look at liner notes to see what both bands were saying.  i guess the final thing that made Pearl Jam stick out to me was Vedder’s ability to tell a story.  Cobain was so obtuse and surreal with his lyrics.  i enjoyed the engimatic puzzle, but i enjoy the story more and i think Vedder moved past that in a poetic sense.

i remember seeing them on SNL in 1994 and being blown away by the performance. 

i also remember Adam Sandler doing Operaman and singing gibberish to “Even Flow”

i always wanted to have long hair like Eddie (now i just wish i had hair), but being a teacher didn’t allow me that.  i did have many flannel shirts and an ugly pair of workboots.  i’ve often thought of putting together a Pearl Jam tribute band, but what are the chances (any takers, just leave a comment)

so i leave you with one of my favorite Pearl Jam songs…


One comment

  1. Dude! I would LOVE to be a part of a Pearl Jam tribute band! I can’t necessarily play any instruments and I don’t know if I can sing that well, but I would love it! If it ever happens, I will at least be there to watch and sing along.

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