my son Jose…

loves Elmo!  he loves Santa too, but Elmo more.  he calls Santa, “Nanta” and every time he sees him on tv he says “Nanta, Nanta, Ho, ho, ho!”, but that pales in comparison to his love for Elmo.


he calls him “Melmo” and if we see him it’s an event.  bouncing, jumping, screaming.  

so guess what the boy got for Christmas…that’s right lots of Elmo stuff.  as i’m typing he’s watching “Elmo in Grouchland”.

so we have our first thing we’re a fan of.  Kooper loves Bob the Builder, Karson loves Demi Lovato, and Kenedy is a Flyleaf/Paramore fan.  Amy is a Rap/Hip Hop enthusiast, and i would really love to go see Wilco, Travis and U2.

who are you a fan of!


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