i thought i’d write a real blog today…

short, but at least it’s about something

one of my favorite things to do is find and listen to new worship music.  i’m always looking for the new song.  there is one exception to that.  i LOVE the music of Lincoln Brewster.



he is an amazing artist and here is what i love.  not only is he a great worship leader, guitar player, singer and songwriter, he is an awesome arranger.  Lincoln can take an old, tired song and breathe new life into it.  i prefer his arrangements of most worship songs almost 80% of the time.  he takes the original and puts his own flavor on it to make it fresh.  i love that.  i wish i could do that. check out his arrangements to Shout to the Lord, You are Good, Salvation is Here, and so many other songs.

so with that said, here he is playing one of my favorite songs that he does.  i only wish i could throw down the guitar stuff like he does.  amazing.  enjoy


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