today i took Kenedy and Kooper

down to Mesquite Memorial Stadium to watch the Goin’ Band from Raiderland rehearse…

it was cold!!!!!  Kooper sat and watched and listened for about an hour and a half.  we got to see the band go through their warm-ups and play through their music.  it was neat.  they were retooling the Pirate show for the CottonBowl.  some of the kids weren’t there, so it was a little smaller. i would have loved to see the new uni’s


they got down to the part of rehearsal where they kept going back and forth and Kooper got a little bored and started acting up, so we left.  i enjoyed taking my oldest daughter to see something that i used to be a part of.  she said she wants to be in the band at Tech someday.  maybe she’ll get to go on an oboe scholarship.  she was more interested to know if they had an Honor’s band than she was the marching band, but we all have to march sometime.

here is a video from the t.u. game and the show the band is doing


One comment

  1. thanks for posting that

    I saw the show the week after TU when they played OSU. I don’t think they did all of the show. My brother was there the week of the TU game–he said the Pirate show brought down the house–so I’m not surprised they brought it back for the Cotton Bowl.

    My son got a Tech Pirate flag that says SURRENDER THE BOOTY and a Crabtree shirt… could it get any better.

    Do they still do Band 1/Band 2 thing anymore. I know they don’t divide in the stands like we used to do. I said something about Band 2 to someone in the Goin’ Band and they looked at me funny. Might have been me!

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