i haven’t quite decided what to do with my blog…

after @human3rror messed up my brain yesterday!  i want to still write about redemptive creativity and beauty, but i also want to write about the fact that the orphan situation in the world and human trafficking mess me up.  i want to share with you my passion for adoption and how that fits into the bigger picture of redemptive history.  i want to spur people on to BE THE CHURCH rather than just attending or going.  so my prayer is that this would be something God would reveal to me, or I will stop writing.  i want to be all that i can be as a writer and as a missional writer.  that being said.  i found this beautiful dance from Mosaic LA today and wanted to share it with you.  



  1. That was awesome. Since I started in the arts as a dancer (way back when) I especially loved that.

    And Chuck? You have many gifts. But I love your movie-making gift the most. I’ve seen you do some wonderful videos.

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