I was reading a friend’s blog…

and realized we both have a love for Alfred Hitchcock.  i don’t know if this fits into my missional blogging, but it does fit into the creative aspects. check out his blog here!

i think Alfred Hitchcock is truly the master of suspense.  i’m continually blown away by the stories and cinematography in his films.  i call them films because they are more than mere movies.


my favorite Hitchcock movie would be “Vertigo” followed by “Rope”.  I love “Vertigo” because the story is so amazing.  i remember showing it to students and how they were “sortof” watching, and then they got sucked in after the murder.  i love “Rope” because it appears to be one continual camera shot.  that is simply amazing to me.

one thing Hitchcock is famous for is making cameo appearance in his films.  He made an appearance in 37 of his 52 surviving films.  you never know when he’s going to pop up and serious fans began to make a game out of looking for him.  because of that, he moved his appearance to the beginning of films so that people would pay attention to the plot.

i found this video of most of his cameo appearance mashed together.  my favorite ones are the newspaper add for weight loss and the one where he’s trying to wrangle a double bass onto a train.


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