the next two…

are pretty self explanatory.

God blesses those who are merciful, for they will be shown mercy NLT


we’ve already been shown great mercy, so how can we not extend that mercy to all others?  God in His great love for us, loved us while we were His enemies and we have a hard time forgiving our family and friends!  There is a great Charlie Hall song called Micah 6:8.  i like how the chorus goes

♫ HELP us love mercy, HELP us do justly, and HELP us walk humbly with You God!♫

so we need His help to show mercy, again pointing us back to our bankrupt need for Him, being mournful for our sin, getting on our face in humility and hungering and thirsting for His justice and righteousness.  isn’t it amazing how these passages line up?  God doesn’t desire sacrifice, He wants you to do these things.

the next verse says

God blesses those whose hearts are pure, for they will see God NLT

so how do we have pure hearts?  i believe it’s the next logical step in this climb up the mountain as we have let the first 5 Beatitudes sink into us and affect our heart, how can we not strive to be pure?  When we see our need and our brokeness, God comes in and awakens and changes our hearts.  He gives us His righteousness, so our hearts are pure.

that’s alot to chew on.


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