my kids take martial arts….

and this weekend, there is a numchucks demonstration!  i was waxing philosophical about my jh days when everyone i knew wanted to be a ninja…

how many of my friends out there had some of these you won playing  a carnival game?


it’s amazing that we used to be able to possess deadly weapons.  i remember guys bringing these to school.  they weren’t planning on going all crazy, they just wanted to show that they had one.

you could buy these along with your very own Bruce Lee shirt at the Military Supply store


but i think the one thing that everyone of my friends had was this…


that’s right!  a survival knife!  we ALL thought we were John Rambo!

ok let’s be honest, this knife blade wouldn’t even cut a piece of string, but it did have a hollow handle that would hold everything you needed to “survive” in the wilderness were you ever stranded in a remote and abandoned place.  i mean there was a compass on the top of the handle, and all kinds of stuff in the handle.  there was a “wire saw”, a single match, some fishing line, hooks and some twine.  my problem was, once i pulled it out, i never could get it all back in.  i was however completely stylin when i strapped that bad boy scabbard to my Boy Scout webbing belt.  i know i spent hours honing that thing on the whetstone, but it never got really sharp.  i don’t know what happened to it, but it was cool!

i thought about looking for a “more modern” version of the survival knife and here is what i found.


not much has changed except for the “titanium” handle with the big “prongs”

i hope you children of the 80’s enjoyed this trip down memory lane.  next week i’ll talk about parachute pants and the bandanas we used to wear around our necks.


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