in November of 1995…

dc Talk released what was at the time the definitive  “Christian” album.  it was the best selling Christian album ever at that time, and 6 of it’s 7 singles reached #1 on the Christian charts.

i’m talking about Jesus Freak


this album had an amazing impact on me.  i remember buying it in the Christian book store in Amarillo when I was visiting my grandparents over Thanksgiving.

so what? you may say.  well, i recently put it in my car to listen to it again, and i just wanted to note that on a social justice scale, it was well ahead of it’s time.

it seems that lately Social Justice and Social Gospel have been on the forefront of people’s minds.  in the last few years we have seen a major shift in the church caring more about social issues.  if you go back 14 years to Jesus Freak, you will find dc Talk already beginning to address these things.  let’s just take some lyrical samplings.

from Like it, Love it, Need it!

You’ll never find peace of mind in your pool of self
You’ll never find peace of mind in a sea of wealth
You’ll never find peace of mind in your rock and roll
You’ll never find peace of mind if you sell your soul

You gotta like it, you gotta love it
I know you need some freedom from the strife
You gotta like it, you gotta love it
I know you need some Jesus in your life
[Some Jesus in your life, some Jesus in your life]

We circumvent our feelings through an angry sound
He who complains the loudest, wears the fattest crown
We’re anti-everybody, call it paranoia
Well I ain’t no judge or jury, but I’m praying for ya

You’ll never find peace of mind in your lucky charm
You’ll never find peace of mind on a hippie farm
You’ll never find peace of mind in a one-night stand
You’ll never find peace of mind in your superman

from What Have We Become?

(chorus 1)
What have we become?
A self indulgent people
What have we become?
Tell me where are the righteous ones?
What have we become?
In a world degenerating
What have we become?

(chorus 2)
Speak your mind, look out for yourself
The answer to it all is a life of wealth
Grab all you can cause you live just once
You got the right to do whatever you want
Dont worry about others or where you came from
It aint what you were, its what you have become

Mom and dad are fightin
As rosie lies there crying
For once again shes overheard
Regrets of their mistake
With christmas bells a-ringing
Little rosied leave them grieving the gift shed give her family
Would be the pills shed take

An inconvenient child
She wasnt worth their while

and that is just a sampling.  the whole album talks about our lives lived out and how that affects others.  even the choice of the cover tune In the Light by Charlie Peacock echoes these thoughts.

The disease of self runs through my blood
Its a cancer fatal to my soul
Every attempt on my behalf has failed
To bring this sickness under control

Tell me, whats going on inside of me?
I despise my own behavior
This only serves to confirm my suspicions
That Im still a man in need of a savior


so thank you DC Talk for reminding me that you “got it” way back when.  i’ve always hated injustice and only recently have felt the freedom to speak out and do something about it.


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